Baby weigh scales for hire


These accurate breastfeeding scales used in research are not available to hire anywhere else in Australia. They are a precision high quality instrument bought to ensure breastfeeding families get the best possible equipment along with evidence based information to deal with a range of breastfeeding problems.

Note: these scales should be used in conjunction with the guidance of an experienced lactation consultant or care provider to ensure you receive the best breastfeeding information and results.

The scales are useful to help assess, manage, monitor, reassure or treat the following difficulties:

Preterm babies(1, 2)

Late preterm babies

Mothers with early or delayed breastfeeding problems

Babies with slow weight gain

Mothers with milk supply problems(3)

Using a nipple shield while breastfeeding

Assessing babies with possible tongue tie(4)

Reviewing feeding post tongue tie snipping

Mothers lacking breastfeeding confidence(5, 6)

Research has shown that mothers and lactation consultants cannot accurately estimate milk intake by observation (1). The Japanese Tanita neonate baby scale is the most accurate, sensitive digital baby scale available(6).

It weighs accurately to 2 grams.

It provides accurate measurement of the baby’s weight just before and just after breastfeeding. The difference between these two weights equals breastmilk intake in grams.


  • High performance and accurate
  • The only scale suitable for measuring breastfeed transfer volumes
  • Locks, memorises and calculates weights
  • Light weight
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • For home, hospital and clinic use
  • Mains or battery powered

Hire cost:

$50/week, $180/month full calendar month e.g. 4th January- 4th February


A $200 deposit is required when hiring the scales. This is refunded once the scales have been returned in a clean, undamaged and working condition.


$25 delivery within Perth metropolitan area, street addresses only. Hire scales are sent by courier and a signature is required for delivery. Please contact us for a delivery quote to other areas.

Pick Up:

You are welcome to pick up scales from us. Please contact us to place your order over the phone and arrange a pick-up time.

Scales Return:

Hire scales are due to be returned to us on the last day of the hire period. We will contact you by email towards the end of the hire period to arrange a drop-off time.


Scale hire invoice will be emailed for bank transfer payment before pick up or delivery of the scale.

What a dad of new baby twin boys has to say about using scales:

“Good morning Cathy. The boys have been feeding very well and so we would like to end the hire of scales after the 3 week period. The boys are averaging 75mL per feed with maximums of 11omL. The scales have been very useful and I would recommend them to any new parents who are learning to breastfeed. It has helped us gain breastfeeding confidence. M”

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