Baby Play Time


Play time can be a rewarding experience for you and your baby. Use playtime to bond with your baby. Enjoy the process of getting to know each other. Play time is a fun way for your baby to learn about the world and the important people in his or her life. Your baby will feel included and will love the attention!

babyplayingBabys sleep on there backs so it is important to lay them on their sides and tummies while they are awake. This helps them get control of their head by strengthening their muscles. It helps them to learn to use their bodies to move and gives them practice to get a strong body early in life. It can also encourage them to feed better as the muscles used for feeding (and later speech) get stronger.

Try these suggestions for a few minutes in the morning and the evening:

  1.  (Bath time and nappy change times are great as they have fewer clothes to get in the way.)



    Try putting on some music or singing nursery rhymes or reciting poems.

    Lying on the back
    Encourage your baby to lie straight- small pillows or wedges may help. Encourage her to turn from side to side

    Grasp your baby’s hands and wrist to support and stabalise her, then pull her to an almost sitting position (baby will be gently taking the weight of her head). Lower gently and repeat 5 times.

    Lying on side
    Put baby on preferred side, encourage balance and lying in the “foetal position”. Repeat for both sides and use a rolled up nappy under his head initially.

    Lying on tummy
    Put baby face down with hands by her sides and encourage her to bring her arms up in the “push up” position and balance.

    Encourage your baby to take the weight of head and turn her head from side to side.

    Try a small roll under the upper chest, hands placed in “push up” position.

    Use a beach ball, mirrors and over your lap to encourage balance and head control.

    Sit your baby on the edge of something , holding around the chest and encourage him to look at you.

    Move him slowly forward, backwards and sideways so he learns to learn balance.

    This is a wonderful way to relax your baby and encourage free movement.


    Try facing her out or draped over your arm looking down. As your baby gets stronger try new positions. Think about the muscles you are helping your baby develop.

    Extra play positions
    Put him on rug on the floor without nappy so he can kick around.

    Use yourself, light or toys to stimulate your baby to use the full range of head movements.

    A gym ball/beach ball, baby face down – rock baby forward, backwards and sideways this will give her great balance and head control practise.

    Lay your baby on your lap, pick up opposite leg and arm and bring them to meet each other, then repeat on the other side.