Useful Websites

Useful Websites

Here is a list of sites which offer great information:
This is the Australian Breastfeeding Association site; formerly known as the Nursing Mothers of Australia. This organisation was started by a very forward thinking and motivated group of mothers in 1965 to assist and support Australian mothers to breastfeed their babies. Breastfeeding rates in 1965 were the lowest in Australian history. This group alone has helped Australia return to rates which the rest of the world is envious of! The Association has since enabled breastfeeding research of world significance to flourish in Australia.
Supported by the Australian government this website has all you ever wanted to know about raising children.
The Sears Family are a group of American paediatricians who have some very good articles on sleep and settling babies on their web site.
This New Zealand consumer health resource site has lots of information for new parents.
The Child and Youth Health site was developed by the South Australian government to help people with parenting and general health. It is a fantastic site and worth a visit.
A great Australian parenting information site with specific areas devoted to each Australian state.
A good website for information on child development.
An international not for profit organisation that supports, educates and encourages breastfeeding families.
An Australian government website containing a great section on frequently asked questions about immunisation.
A great site to help you understand baby crying.
My sister, Debbie sells breast pumps. See her website for details.
Ngala offers help with all needs of children 0-5 years. They have is a free child health telephone service:
Ph. 08 9368 9368
They also run very good parenting workshops for new parents.

This is a great resource from Stanford University in the USA. It has loads of really good photos of all sorts of conditions that parents may want to check out.
In my opinion a great way to get your baby starting on eating food at 6 months.

A great site put together by Monash university, the school of public health and preventative medicine. Really good information for the new family.

Some very useful reading on this blog, particularly related to mother’s mental health and baby’s unsettled behaviour.

The Amazing Science of Mother’s Milk

A useful, comprehensive ebook – really worth a look