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Holidaying in Europe

A fresco in the old town Dubrovnik

We are more than half way through our European holiday, it’s been fantastic.

See details for LC s Bernie O’Regan and Dr Sharon Perrella and GP Dr Marnie Rowan.

At the moment we are staying in a lovely home in Sheffield while they stay in our house. We are using Homelink a great home sharing organisation. This is a great way to see the world: you stay in some great places, you have your home looked after, you share your life with like minded people (who can trust the world) and your also saving precious resources. It’s a great way to travel with your kids too.

I have been taking photos of breastfeeding while here to share with you all. It features so much in the ancient ( and not so ancient) art of Europe. Seeing other people breastfeed is the best way for new mothers to learn how to breastfeed, so please share these photos with any new mothers you know.

Mary breastfeeding Jesus, Chatsworth House UK

I will be back ready and willing to see anyone with breastfeeding difficulties in Perth on 5th November

An 1950s ad found in France

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