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Dr Marnie Rowan starts a new breastfeeding medicine clinic

Dr Marnie Rowan, breastfeeding medicine clinic I am pleased to announce that I will be commencing a breastfeeding medicine clinic in June 2014 at the rooms of Dr Bruce Thyer, Killowen House, St John of God Mt Lawley (formerly Mercy). I manage breastfeeding problems utilising a medical model and evidence based care, whilst ensuring each…

Alcohol and breastfeeding | Australian Breastfeeding Association

Channel 9 interviewed me briefly yesterday about this topic. Perhaps it sounded like I condoned drinking alcohol and breastfeeding, the interview was heavily edited. Have a good look at this link to the ABA website, its got it all there. Alcohol and breastfeeding | Australian Breastfeeding Association.

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Holiday Time!! 10th Feb- 26th March

My partner and I are about to go on a trip of a lifetime! We fly to Chile, have 2 weeks travelling through the lakes district in the south before flying to Ushuaia in Argentina. In Ushuaia we join a ship for 2 weeks cruising the southern oceans bound for Antarctica. after Antarctica we have…

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New breastfeeding video added to website

I have a new video on my website, its in the resources tab in the page “articles”, positioning and attachment. One of my clients who had a very hard start to parenthood was kind enough to let me video her fantastic breastfeeding. This is my first attempt at movie making so its not a brilliant…