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Breastfeeding and Carrying the Future

This is a facebook post from one of my totally awesome nieces, Casey!! She now lives in Florida USA.
It was on Carry The Future, a facebook page specifically started to collect preloved baby carriers to give to refugees.
What a brilliant idea.
Casey and Finnley
Casey and Finnley
I’m going to unpack my old one today!!!
This is such an awesome concept, I can’t imagine being a refugee and having to protect and support your infant as well. My Baby Bjorn was a lifesaver when we were in a Tsunami evacuation situation in Thailand. I don’t know how I would have been able to get both of my children to high land and safety without my Baby Bjorn….I needed my hands to be able to get through the tough jungle terrain. At one stage I sprained my ankle and with my hands free was able to keep from falling. My baby was kept supported, warm, dry (it was raining and he had croup) safe and fed and I was able to concentrate on getting us to safety quickly. The value of these baby carriers is going to be priceless to these refugees on their journeys and their mobility and ease at least a minuscule fraction of their load, such an amazing idea!
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Can’t wait to see you and your beautiful family Case

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