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New pumps in stock and going with the flow!

A order of new Spectra S9 plus has arrived. These are very small

Spectra breast pump S9 plus
Spectra breast pump S9 plus

but powerful little pumps. Ideal for the working mum or for those that like to travel.

They can double pump. They have a rechargeable battery so can be used on main power or without once the battery is charged.

The complete package as shown in the picture above.

My sister Debbie Garbin from go with the flow parenting introduced me to these great little pumps.

Debbie has just returned from one of her outback stints where she learned heaps about natural breastfeeding. We both like to do this work from time to time.

She is now back in the south west ready to home visit any new mums having difficulties. She also sells spectra breast pumps, see her website for full details. She also has a brand new granddaughter, little Jae; who is as cute as a button!

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