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New Spectra pumps have arrived

The new Spectra 2 pumps that have been on back order are now here. Both Debbie and myself have the Spectra S2 and the s9 available for either hire or sale.

These pumps do an awesome job and are very well priced. Debbie and I are always happy to show you how to use them to get the very most out of expressing. We are always ready to discuss your pump needs and to offer our professional advice on what pump would be best for your particular needs.

Additionally we stock a range of different size flange fittings because we know how important it is to get the right size for you.

There are many reasons (your milk supply is low, you are going back to work, your baby will not breastfeed etc) for using a breast pump and getting the best advice for your situation is important. Check out this little video on expressing and then hand expressing to help increase milk supply if you are really struggling with your milk supply.

S2 hospital grade breast pump
S2 hospital grade breast pump



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