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5 Good Breastfeeding Tips

Poppy and Veda

1. Get a home visit from a lactation consultant

Breastfeeding your first baby can be very difficult initially. Don’t give up, it will get easier. Help is near. I like to home visit as soon as possible when I get a call for help with breastfeeding.

2. Work with your baby

Babies are born to breastfeed.  They have all the skills to attach and feed themselves. If you and your baby are not attaching easily- seek help

3. Dr Google and breastfeeding: he knows NOTHING

When you use Google to seek breastfeeding advice that advice is often totally unreliable. If you want good information regarding baby care try these reputable websites.

4. Pain with breastfeeding is not normal

There are many possible causes of discomfort during breastfeeding. Talk to someone or seek help ASAP if this is you.

5. Your Breastmilk is tailor made for your baby

The fat content is perfect (no need to be worrying about fore and hind milk). The antibodies in your milk are his first immunisation. It is a vital, living fluid. Doubting your milk is a common mother’s concern. Don’t live with this worry, seek help. Here is a link to breastfeeding research done right here in Perth.

Did you know we have the world’s most renowned breastfeeding research group?Join a study now!

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