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Breastfeeding through the years

I have had a long standing passionate desire to work with our indigenous people. They master breastfeeding so easily compared to the rest of us and I really want to learn from them how they do it so easily and successfully.

My sister Debbie  also works as a private lactation consultant and has the same desire to work with aboriginal mothers and babies. She has just finished a 3 month posting in Fitzroy Crossing working as a child health nurse. We look after each others clients when one of us goes “bush”.

We have just completed a pharmacotherapeutics course, which was held in Broome

Cathy, Estelle and Rosemary
Cathy, Estelle and Rosemary

(not too hard a place to visit) to update and learn new skills. It was pretty challenging and we have some pretty heavy duty homework to finish before we can be deemed competent in this field.

When needed I work casually as a registered nurse at the Derbarl Yerrigal Aboriginal Medical Service, so my new set of skill will be invaluable when working there.

As I learn more from aboriginal mums and babies about breastfeeding I will be sure to keep you informed.

This picture is of young me in 1983. I sat with Rosemary through her labour and then delivered darling little Estelle. Rosemary gave Estelle my name as a second name, what a privilege it is to be a midwife!

It’s a small world, when my friend Raelene was working in special care nursery many years later she was nursing Estelle and her twins. Lo and behold she reunited Estelle and me! As fate had it I ended up being Estelle’s support person when she had her 5th baby Michaela a few years ago.

Estelle, Micheala (hidden) and Cathy
Estelle, Micheala (under covers breastfeeding) and Cathy

I’m at present freely available for lactation home visits in the Perth area and also sell Spectra breast pumps and hire out baby weigh scales.


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