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Virtual Consultations for any Breastfeeding Concerns

Unprecedented times!! We are all in this together and it will pass. Taking care of yourself and minimising contact with others will see us through.

Please contact me if you have having difficulties. I am well set up for zoom face time consultations. If we can not get your problem resolving with a virtual session I will home visit using all health care precautionary recommendations.

I’m really feeling for all you new mums and dads out there. I know we can help you to breastfeed your baby, please don’t despair- we can do it.

I have a stock of all sorts of breastfeeding equipment- so call if you need anything.

There will be a silver lining that comes from this global situation. Love, care and compassion. We will “smell the flowers” more too.

the pomegranate a symbol of life and fertility

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