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Nasty Nipples

It is common for woman to have some minor nipple discomfort in the first few days of breastfeeding. Try and prevent this evolving into nipple damage. Ensure you get good attachment with breastfeeding. Seeing a lactation consultant is the number one thing to do to help prevent nipple damage.

It is a good idea in those first few days of breastfeeding to ease into feeding; maybe switch breasts every 10-15 minutes so they are sharing the load. Think of it like breaking in a new pair of shoes: you don’t just put them on and go walking for a full day. Of course your new baby will often want to feed frequently in the first couple of days before your milk comes in. In saying this often too they just need to be held and made to feel secure and loved (its a big change coming into the world!).

If you do get sore nipples make sure you wash the nipples after feeds with plain water, pat them dry and then apply hydrogel pads. This will ensure you remove any debris and cleans away baby’s saliva ( that naturally contains bacteria). Bacteria are very opportunistic and will start to colonise and multiply where there is skin damage, this is how nipple infection starts. Washing after feeds will reduce the quantity of bacteria present enabling your body to fight, overcome and heal itself. The hydrogel pads provide the perfect environment for healing to take place.

Please don’t let nipple damage go untreated, you need to get healed as quickly as possible. Painful nipples will make you feel stressed, uncomfortable and unhappy. They can also lead to mastitis and hinder you producing a good low milk supply. See a lactation consultant as soon as possible.

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