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Worrying your baby is getting enough milk?

This a very common concerns for new mums.


Some facts and tips about your milk supply:

Your baby is fussy and does not settle after feeds, crying more than you expect

At about 3 weeks of age many babies have unexplained unsettled periods during some part of the day. Holding them through this time will ensure they develop a strong sense of being loved


Your breasts feel softer

After the initial fullness of your milk “coming in”, your breasts may feel softer because your milk supply has adjusted to your baby’s requirements. This usually occurs at about 4-6 weeks after birth


Your efforts to express yield no milk

Your body can take time to get used to expressing. Practice will usually condition your breasts to eject milk using a pump, just like when you breastfeed


Breastmilk looks bluish and opalescent

This is normal breastmilk


Your baby’s feeding pattern changes (e.g. your baby wants to feed more frequently)

Babies grow and develop an enormous amount in their first few years of life. Just when you think you can predict feeding patterns, they change again. Babies don’t always want to suck just for milk, sucking is also comforting and makes them feel secure

As your baby grows, breastfeeds become shorter


Your baby has slower weight gains

At about 3-4 months growth rates normally slow (see WHO growth charts)


If you have concerns speak to a health professional

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