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Our family Christmas

Happy belated Christmas. Catching up with the family at Christmas gatherings is a great time for us to enjoy all our different relationships- our partners, our parents, our children, our siblings, our cousins, our friends.

It’s a good time to reflect on life and to look at what direction we would like our lives to go in the future.

This time of the year can be a difficult time for new families with lots of services on holiday. I’m not on holiday so feel free to give on my contact details or shout dear and loved ones a gift voucher of my service.

If you have any queries related to breastfeeding the best source for internet information is the Australian Breastfeeding Association website.

Here are a few breastfeeding myths to bust:

“foremilk” and “hindmilk” are old fashioned terms – the fat content of breastmilk is always changing that is how nature works. Your milk is personalised to your baby

Not all babies cry because of hunger- its a babies form of communication

The normal breastfeeding relationship can look very different from baby to baby

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