Holiday Time For Me

My husband and I are about to jump on a plane to Europe, I’m so excited!! We are going to Holland, Portugal and Sweden (to visit our son and his girlfriend)

We  had a pretty full on year last year, we got married after 31 years of being together, we had a beautiful camping honeymoon slowly gallivanting around a tiny bit of our huge state. Then as soon as we got back from that we got news that my husband had to endure 5 months of gruelling medical treatment. Well its all done now and we are on the move.

My phone will be switched directly to my sister Debbie, she will be able to do any homevisits, hire scales or sell or hire spectra breast pumps

You can ring Debbie directly on 0407 447 364, she is also a Child Health Nurse and lactation consultant with years of experience.


We are away for 4 weeks so I’ll see you mid April.



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