A New Baby is Family Time

Debbie and Cathy Garbin taking care of the dolls in the hospital on the back verandah on the farm circa 1960.

The restrictions in place to help reduce the spread of corona virus have really made it tough for many new families. If you know someone needing more support, I’m here to provide it.

A new baby brings a family together. Family support brings so much comfort and confidence. Initially it’s pretty scary having your first baby. The weight of the responsibility for new life can be daunting at times. The growing family needs support, kindness and love at these times.

Research shows us that 94% of new families want to breastfeed their baby. Sadly many (~84%) have some difficulties with breastfeeding. This means many don’t manage to achieve their breastfeeding goals. It can be really helpful to seek out a lactation consultant and discuss your goals and plans before you have your baby.

The Australian Breastfeeding Association has a wealth of information. They have support people available to new families 24/7.

The four key areas to address for the breastfeeding relationship to succeed are:

Baby: the baby can effectively feed.

Milk supply: the mother has an established adequate milk supply.

Pain: that neither the baby or mother have pain. Pain is destructive. It causes stress and interferes with quality of life.

Maternal Confidence: if a mother has doubts her breastfeeding relationship is not adequate, urgent assistance is recommended. The doubts can be anything from concerns about quantity of milk to colic to sleep to pain to weight gains.

My service package

When you engage my service I am your personal consultant for 6 weeks.

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