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Breastfeeding Studies at The University of Western Australia

Milk Profile

We lend BabyWeigh scales to mothers who would like to measure their milk profile by weighing their baby before and after each breastfeed or expression from each breast for a period of 24-26 hours, at home, and collecting a small (<1 mL) milk sample each time their baby is weighed.

From these data we can send the mother a milk profile that shows the:

  • feeding frequency
  • duration of each feed
  • average volume of each feed
  • total milk intake by the baby
  • fat content of the milk
  • storage capacity of the breasts
  • average percentage of the available milk removed from the breast by the baby

Mothers usually find this information interesting, and we can use it to compare with the results of pumping studies.


Improving pumping

When mothers need to express their breastmilk, some mothers find the electric breast pump is not sufficiently efficient and effective.

We are trying to improve the breast pump so that it is comfortable and works well for as many mothers as possible.

With this in mind, we have developed a new pump vacuum pattern.

We would like to compare the performance of this new pump pattern with the standard Medela Symphony pump pattern. The study sessions take less than 1 hour.


The studies are conducted in the research room at The University of Western Australia

The milk that is expressed is collected in sterile containers and is available for you to feed at any time.


We have a reserved parking bay for volunteers, and we provide refreshments.

Expressions of interest or further questions can be directed to:



The study is approved by the Human Research Ethics Committee at The University of Western Australia (RA/4/1/4492) and the Australian Breastfeeding Association (ABA Research Approval Number 2014-9).

Marnie, Donna, Jackie, Cathy, Sharon, Ruth and Tracey
Marnie, Donna, Jackie, Cathy, Sharon, Ruth and Tracey

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