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Breastfeeding Tips

My darling niece Poppy breastfeeding her 3rd child Veda

In the first couple of days of breastfeeding it is normal to get some nipple tenderness. Just like when you wear new shoes, they usually need some breaking in.

If breastfeeding is painful it could be that your attachment is not as good as it could be. Try some different positions shown on these videos.

If you get a break in the skin

  • wash your nipples with plain water after every feed to clean the area and reduce risk of bacteria getting a hold
  • pat the nipples dry with paper towel
  • apply hydrogel pads. These are excellent in providing an ideal environment for wounds to heal
  • do this after every feed or express
  • change the hydrogel pads every 24 hours

The prevention of infection in broken skin is really important. Infection can lead to cracked nipples, blocked ducts and mastitis.

If you are experiencing pain with breastfeeding get help. I am always on the move travelling or getting great experience working in different areas so may not be able to visit for a consult. However I have years and years of experience working with new families and providing remote support so am available for telephone or Facetime consults.

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