Reviews of Spectra breast pump

Some feedback on these great pumps, see here for spectra pump details

Review by Ruth

Thanks Cathy,

I received the breastpump at about 9am today. Thanks again for the quick postage. I wonder why I didnt buy this earlier. This is sooooo wonderful, not painful or uncomfortable yet effective and saves time and my boy actually used the bottle with less stress compared to the one Ive been using for him. I would recomend this to my friends or anyone.


Review by Rachel

Discovering the speCtra S2 Electric Breast Pump was central to extending my willpower to continue my expressing journey well and truly beyond what I thought I was capable of. My baby daughter didn’t take to the breast effectively after birth and on the last day of our stay in hospital we were advised to find a breast pump. I had been using one of the hospital’s double pumps during our stay and purchased the equivalent single pump for use at home. After being advised to use a double pump to increase supply and reduce time pumping, I borrowed an older model double pump. My supply levels were very low (about 20-50ml) and I was ready give up expressing after 6 weeks despite wanting very much to be able to give my daughter breast milk.

Thankfully my very helpful lactation consultant gave me a speCtra S2 to try out to see if it helped. The difference was amazing. The machine is very quiet, easy to set up and transport to another location. Cleaning the pumping equipment is also very simple and easy to reassemble. Most importantly, my supply increased dramatically within a few days of starting to use the machine (to about 150 ml). I think this is because the machine has multiple settings and so rather than just increasing the strength of the suction, the timing of the suction can be readily adjusted to what produces the best output while being comfortable. Overall, I found using the machine a far more bearable and productive experience than the other machines I tried. I’ve now been expressing exclusively for five months and hope to continue a bit longer, which I never thought would be possible for me. If I had one criticism of the pump it would be that sometimes milk does flow back into the pump units requiring them to be cleaned as well. However, they are easy to disassemble and reassemble after cleaning. I would definitely recommend this machine to others.

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